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Schneider, Silke

Silke Schneider

Master's in Sociology at the University of Cologne, Germany, 2005 (minors: Psychology and Philosophy) with a thesis on anti-immigrant attitudes in Europe. DPhil at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 2009 on the cross-nationally comparable measurement of educational attainment for comparative survey...
2347 Germany
Almenara Niebla, Silvia

Silvia Almenara Niebla

Silvia Almenara Niebla works as postdoctoral researcher at Communication Studies Department (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). She works on the ERC project Reel Borders lead by prof. Kevin Smets. She obtained her PhD in gender and migration studies (Universidad de La Laguna, 2020, extraordinary doctoral prize)...
2348 Belgium
Cittadini, Silvia

Silvia Cittadini

Silvia Cittadini is a post-doctoral researcher and consultant, specialised in the analysis of inclusion policies, anti-discrimination, minority protection and gender equality. She earned a PhD in Politics and Human Rights at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa in 2019, where she defended...
2349 Italy


PhD in Anthropology at the University of Bologna, Silvia Pitzalis is currently a research fellow at the University of Urbino, Carlo Bo and adjunct professor in Anthropology at the University of Bologna and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Since 2007 she has been conducting research with ethnographic...
2350 Italy
SCARPA, Silvia


Dr Silvia Scarpa is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at John Cabot University of Rome (Italy). She passed the selection process held at the same institution and will be hired as Associate Professor of International Relations in 2021. Between 2013 and 2019 she also taught International Law at LUISS...
2351 Italy
Bunchuay-Peth, Simon

Simon Bunchuay-Peth

I am a human geographer focusing on social and development geography in the global south. In my work I focus on issues related to social inequalities, human-technology-relations, human-environment-relations, and social resilience in the context of globalisation. I am particularly interested in the diversifying...
2353 Austria
Pemberton, Simon

Simon Pemberton

Professor Simon Pemberton is a Professor of Human Geography at Keele University. During his career, Simon worked on several post-doctoral research projects before becoming Head of Regeneration for a local authority in North Wales, UK. After four years in practice, Simon moved to become Director of...
2354 United Kingdom
Schmidbauer, Simon

Simon Schmidbauer

Doctoral Candidate at the University of Passau (Germany) in Cooperation with OTH Regensburg (Germany). Member of the Bavarian Joint Academic Partnership "Social Change" of the Bavarian Academic Forum (BayWISS).
2355 Germany
Colucci, Simona

Simona Colucci

Simona Colucci is a PhD Student in Regional Planning and Public Policy in her second year at IUAV University of Venice. She graduated in Urban Planning and Policy Design from Politecnico di Milano in 2014. Since 2010 she has been working as a consultant on urban regeneration projects and participation...
2356 Italy
Schreier, Simona

Simona Schreier

I am currently a Phd Candidate on Migration and Globalisation and my research project is on return and reintegration between Europe and Nigeria. I a have also previously worked many years in various UN and other international organisations on crime -related and human rights issues such as human trafficking...
2357 Austria
Sokolovska, Simona

Simona Sokolovska

I have completed my PhD in Human Rights: Ethical, Social and Political Challenges at the University of Deusto, Bilbao. I also hold a Master's Degree in Intervention in Cases of Violence against Women by the same univeristy. As a pre-doctoral fellow I have done research affiliation at TATA Institute of...
2358 Spain
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