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La République démocratique du Congo de l'indépendance à la 1re guerre mondiale africaine

Authors Claude Kabemba, Salvatore Sagues, UNHCR. Centre for Documentation and Research, ...
Year 2001
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8 Report

Understanding transnational labour market trajectories of African-European migrants : evidence from the MAFE survey

Authors Eleonora CASTAGNONE, Tiziana NAZIO, Laura BARTOLINI, ...
Year 2015
Journal Name International Migration Review
Citations (WoS) 7
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Transnationalisme, Dynamiques Identitaires et Diversification Culturelle en situations urbaines post-migratoires

Principal investigator Marco Martiniello (Coordinator), Hassan Bousetta (Partner), Sonia Gsir (Researcher), Caroline Zickgraf (Researcher)
TRICUD aims at better understanding some of the reciprocal relationships between migration and change. The principal objective is indeed to better understand how migration transforms both sending societies in the South and receiving societies in the North. It is widely acknowledged that international migration has always been a cause as well as a result of economic, political, social and cultural change. It is a key dimension of globalisation. It affects, the dynamics of identities, the process of cultural diversification and social representations in urban settings both in the North and South. Migration has also prompted the formation of transnational social spaces connecting home and destination countries. This phenomenon is observable between Belgium and some of the countries of origin of its migrant population. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Morocco are in this respect two strategic case-studies. In order to better understand the dynamics of identities, the processes of cultural diversification and the dynamics of representations in urban settings affected by international migration and immigrants’ transnational practices both in Belgium and in two immigrant sending countries, the research will be carried out along three main directions, which consist in the 3 research projects are the post-migratory city and transnational flows, the dynamics of identities and the process of cultural diversification.
Year 2009
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11 Project

"I prefer dying fast than dying slowly", how institutional abuse worsens the mental health of stranded Syrian, Afghan and Congolese migrants on Lesbos island following the implementation of EU-Turkey deal

Authors Christos Eleftherakos, Wilma van den Boogaard, Declan Barry, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Conflict and Health
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13 Journal Article
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