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Fiorito, Tara

Tara Fiorito

Tara Fiorito works as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research broadly falls in the areas of critical migration studies, engaged scholarship, resilient youths, and social movement studies, with a particular focus on and expertise in undocumented immigrant...
2461 Netherlands
Faroqi, Tarana

Tarana Faroqi

A young professional in the space of migration and refugee rights in South Asia. Been working with UN & other NGOs for almost 4 years in the International Development sector in India as well as briefly at The Hague and Geneva. Currently based in Delhi working with a UK based INGO and running on...
Romashchenko, Taras

Taras Romashchenko

Taras Romashchenko is a Ukrainian scholar with research interests in international economics, international labour migration and diaspora, FDI and remittances. PhD in Economics and Associate Professor at Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy. He is also a senior lecturer in international...
2463 Austria
Modood, Tariq

Tariq Modood

2464 United Kingdom
Agarwal, Tasha

Tasha Agarwal

Tasha Agarwal is a PhD scholar from Ambedkar University Delhi, India . She is currently working in the domain of Gender and Migration where her focus is on understanding dependencies among the Indian H4 visa holders in the US.
Putho, Tassya

Tassya Putho

Tassya is a PhD researcher at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey. Her research looks at the intersections of retirement, migration, and tourism with a specific cultural focus on Thai-American retirees. She has undertaken qualitative research in the United States and...
2466 United Kingdom
Eremenko, Tatiana

Tatiana Eremenko

I am a socio-demographer and currently work at the University of Salamanca (USAL) where I teach courses related to Sociology, Migration, and Quantitative research methods. My research focuses on international migration and mobility in Europe, as well as the role of public policies in shaping them. I...
2467 Spain
Hidalgo, Teresa

Teresa Hidalgo

Historian and and lawyer. Expert in gender, migration and trafficking human for sexual explotation. PhD candidate at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Title of the research: “The prostitution of Chinese women in Spain. Analysis of supply and demand. The case of Madrid ”. If you want to read...
2473 Spain
Kulawik, Teresa

Teresa Kulawik

I am professor of Gender Studies at Södertörn University with a PhD in political science from the Free University Berlin/Germany. I am a specialist in comparative gender studies exploring social policies, gender quality and more recently migration. My current research examines the intersections between...
Freidingerová, Tereza

Tereza Freidingerová

I am a researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and a migration analyst of the People in Need NGO. I hold a PhD in social geography and regional development from Charles University. In my current research, I focus on Vietnamese Diaspora in Czechia, particularly on Vietnamese settlement...
2475 Czech Republic
Hartland, Tess

Tess Hartland

2476 United Kingdom
Ubels, Tessa

Tessa Ubels

Tessa Ubels researches the intended and unintended social effects of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) for displaced persons. She uses a mixed-method, multi-sited and longitudinal research approach.
2477 Netherlands
Bayram, Tevfik

Tevfik Bayram

Tevfik Bayram is a Public Health PhD student at the University of Montreal. He completed his Medical education and Public Health Specialization at the Marmara University (Istanbul-Turkey) in 2012, 2019 respectively. He completed his Master of Public Health at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel,...
2478 Canada
França, Thais

Thais França

Thais França, is a Fellow Researcher at the Center for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-Iscte) at the Lisbon University Institute (Iscte-IUL), Portugal. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Her work is interdisciplinary, drawing from sociology and gender to...
2479 Portugal
Subedi, Thakur

Thakur Subedi

2480 Korea, Republic of
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