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Food Security at Whose Expense? A Critique of the Canadian Temporary Farm Labour Migration Regime and Proposals for Change

Authors Anelyse M. Weiler, Janet McLaughlin, Donald C. Cole
Year 2017
Journal Name International Migration
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5 Journal Article

Race, Class, and the Politics of Decolonization: Jamaica Journals, 1961 and 1968

Authors Obika Gray
Year 2017
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6 Journal Article

Better Dread (if Still Dead) than Red: High-Brown Passing in John Hearne's Voices Under The Window

Authors Charles W. Mills
Year 2017
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From Lisbon to Jamaica: A study of British refugee rescue during the Second World War

Authors Paul R. Bartrop
Year 1994
Journal Name Immigrants & Minorities
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Dashboard of indicators for measuring policy and institutional coherence for migration and development (PICMD)

The dashboard of indicators for measuring policy and institutional coherence for migration and development (PICMD) is a user-friendly tool that has been developed by the KNOMAD Thematic Working Group on Policy and Institutional Coherence. The dashboard aims to measure the extent to which public policies and institutional arrangements are coherent with international best practices to minimise the risks and maximise the development gains of migration, and can be used by domestic policy makers and other stakeholders such as researchers, civil society and international organisations. For policy makers, the dashboard should serve as a particularly useful tool during the policy formulation, evaluation and adjustment process. Indicators are organised around the following five policy dimensions: promote institutional coherence, reduce the costs of migration, protect the rights of migrants and their family, promote reintegration, enhance the development impact of migration. There are two distinct dashboards – one from the perspective of countries of origin and the other from the perspective of countries of destination – with separate indicators except in the area of institutional coherence. Any given country can be considered both a country of origin and a country of destination. The Thematic Working Group is currently operationalising the dashboard in 15 pilot countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Germany, Jamaica, Kenya, Moldova, Morocco, the Philippines, Portugal, the Netherlands, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Year 2016
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