Integration with ORCID makes Migration Research Hub even more complete

2020-02-24 09:18:49

With the launch of the Migration Research Hub in October 2019, we are ever closer to having all migration research under one roof. The team would like to thank all the researchers who have provided feedback to finetune the database, making it more complete and more useful. 

Based on the needs of the research community as reflected in the feedback, one of the first improvements that we have worked on is integration with ORCID, the Open Researcher and Contributor ID. The registry helps researchers pair their name to a unique ID, making authorship easier to find and more consistent. 

In practice, this means that researchers are now able to automatically import research data into the Migration Research Hub. It also means that they no longer have to manually associate themselves with projects and other output that they already list on their ORCID profiles. 

Use the ‘Import your ORCID information’ function on the Hub to take full advantage of this new development. Just log in, go to ‘Profile’, then ‘Edit profile’ to find it.

The Migration Research Hub would like to thank ORCID’s Ivo Wijnbergen, who took the time to explain in depth the possibilities of integration. 

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