Bridging knowledge gaps, Renaissance Brussels Hotel, 2 December

2019-11-28 12:41:32

CrossMigration - MPI Europe event, 2 December 2019, Renaissance Brussels Hotel
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As migration has become a top political priority within European policy circles since 2015/16, the demand for evidence-based research on migration and displacement as well as insightful and productive research-policy exchanges has increased significantly. Especially now in light of the ‘New Pact on Migration and Asylum’ Ursula von der Leyen has called for, pledging to relaunch reforms to the Dublin system and to move towards a ‘fully functioning Schengen system’, as well as to pursue mutually beneficial cooperation with countries of origin and transit, there is a need to better understand what the most pressing questions are from a policy perspective, where existing research can provide valuable insights to address them, and what knowledge gaps remain. 

The aim of this event is to draw on, and continue to develop, a reservoir of evidence-based findings within research-policy dialogues and to collectively think through valuable approaches on how these insights can feed into the design and implementation of migration policies. To this end, we hope you will be able to join us alongside migration experts, EU policymakers and civil society organizations to delve into some of the most intricate and pertinent questions stakeholders face when researching and working on migration. 

The meeting will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the new online Migration Research Hub, which provides a comprehensive overview of research findings on migration, and makes them more easily accessible to a wider audience. Participants will then be invited to think through existing knowledge gaps and how research can help to address them along four themes: migration drivers, flows, infrastructures and migration governance.

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