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  • University of Latvia

    University, Riga, Latvia


Work-life balance during the Covid-19 outbreak: the case of Latvia

Authors Z. Krisjane, E. A. Berina, M. Berzins, ...
Year 2020
Journal Name Baltic Region
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1 Journal Article

Residential Change and Socio-demographic Challenges for Large Housing Estates in Riga, Latvia

Authors Zaiga Krišjāne, Māris Bērziņš, Guido Sechi, ...
Year 2019
Book Title Housing Estates in the Baltic Countries
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2 Book Chapter

The Effect of Migration on Latvia’s Sex and Age Composition

Authors D. V. Zhitin, Z. Krisjane, G. Sechi
Year 2018
Journal Name Baltic Region
3 Journal Article

Overcoming the crisis: the changing profile and trajectories of Latvian migrants

Authors David McCollum, Zaiga Krisjane, Maris Berzins, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Citations (WoS) 2
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4 Journal Article

Distinctive and comparative places: Alternative narratives of distinction within international student mobility

Authors Laura Prazeres, David McCollum, A Findlay, ...
Year 2017
Journal Name Geoforum
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5 Journal Article

Rethinking Labour Migration Channels: the Experience of Latvia from EU Accession to Economic Recession

Authors David McCollum, Sergei Shubin, Zaiga Krisjane, ...
Year 2013
Journal Name Population, Space and Place
Citations (WoS) 14
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6 Journal Article

The role of recruitment agencies in imagining and producing the ‘good’ migrant

Authors Allan Findlay, David McCollum, Sergei Shubin, ...
Year 2013
Journal Name Social & Cultural Geography
7 Journal Article

Post-socialist Urban Trends: New Patterns and Motivations for Migration in the Suburban Areas of Rīga, Latvia

Authors Zaiga Krisjane, Maris Berzins
Year 2012
Journal Name Urban Studies
Citations (WoS) 34
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8 Journal Article

Who are the typical commuters in the post-socialist metropolis? The case of Riga, Latvia

Authors Zaiga Krisjane, Artjoms Ivlevs, Maris Berzins, ...
Year 2012
Journal Name Cities
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9 Journal Article


Authors Elina Apsite-Berina, Girts Burgmanis, Zaiga Krisjane
Year 2019
Journal Name ENVIRONMENT. TECHNOLOGIES. RESOURCES. Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference
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10 Journal Article

Juxtaposed intra-EU youth mobility: motivations among returnees to Latvia

Authors Zaiga Krisjane, Elina Apsite-Berina, Guido Sechi, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name Belgeo
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11 Journal Article

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