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Fertility variations in the recession context: the case of Greece

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Christos Bagavos
Year 2019
Journal Name Genus
1 Journal Article

Mortality modeling using probability distributions. APPLICATION in greek mortality data

Authors Panagiotis Andreopoulos, G. Fragkiskos Bersimis, Alexandra Tragaki, ...
Year 2019
Journal Name Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
2 Journal Article

Trends of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Relation to Population Aging in Greece (1956 - 2015)

Authors Natasa Kollia, Alexandra Tragaki, Aristomenis I. Syngelakis, ...
Year 2018
Journal Name The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal
3 Journal Article

Population ageing and cardiovascular health: the case of Greece

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Demosthenes Panagiotakos
Year 2018
Journal Name Hellenic Journal of Cardiology
4 Journal Article

Immigrant population in Italy during the first decade of the 21st century: changing demographics and modified settlement patterns

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Antonios Rovolis
Year 2014
Journal Name European Urban and Regional Studies
Citations (WoS) 3
5 Journal Article

Demography and security, a complex nexus: the case of the Balkans

Authors Alexandra Tragaki
Year 2011
Journal Name Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
6 Journal Article

Temporal and spatial trends in the sex ratio at birth in Greece, 1960–2006: exploring potential environmental factors

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Katia Lasaridi
Year 2009
Journal Name Population and Environment
7 Journal Article

The Regional Dimension of Migration in Greece

Authors Antonis Rovolis, Alexandra Tragaki
Year 2008
Book Title Contributions to Economics
8 Book Chapter

Ethnic Characteristics and Geographical Distribution of Immigrants in Greece

Authors Antonis Rovolis, Alexandra Tragaki
Year 2006
Journal Name European Urban and Regional Studies
9 Journal Article

Assessment and Mapping of Spatio-Temporal Variations in Human Mortality-Related Parameters at European Scale

Authors Panagiotis Andreopoulos, Christos Polykretis, Alexandra Tragaki
Year 2020
Journal Name ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
10 Journal Article

Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Based on Geomorphic, Oceanographic and Demographic Parameters: The Case of the Peloponnese (Southern Greece)

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Christina Gallousi, Efthimios Karymbalis
Year 2018
Journal Name Land
11 Journal Article

The compositional effects of education and employment on Greek male and female fertility rates during 2000‒2014

Authors Christos Bagavos, Alexandra Tragiki, Alexandra Tragaki
Year 2017
Journal Name Demographic Research
12 Journal Article

Male fertility in Greece

Authors Alexandra Tragaki, Christos Bagavos
Year 2014
Journal Name Demographic Research
13 Journal Article

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